Tonight's game against Taylor was very enjoyable. It helped that the boys played very well and won. My hat’s off to all of you - WELL DONE!! Those young men are who they are because they have a good example to follow.

Our new goalie Luc Robinson is proving that he has talent. There were at least two moments in which the game was maintained in our favor because he reached up and literally plucked the ball out of the air. At 6 minutes of the second half, Luc made a great save by grabbing the ball as it missile-launched toward our goal. A lot of cheering ensued. Again, with 26 seconds on the clock. he deflected another comet, and we maintained our 2-0 status. Great job, Luc!!

Congratulations to the Indian Hill Braves Men’s Varsity soccer team for their 2016 Division Championship! The Braves delivered the win on Thursday, October 27th with a 5-0 win over Kenton Ridge.

The Braves are in the Sweet Sixteen and moving on to the regional tournament, playing Alter on Wednesday, 11/2 at Lakota West HS at 7:00 pm.  The address is 8940 Union Centre Blvd, West Chester Township, OH 45069.

Come cheer on the team.

Go Braves!

The Loveland Tigers visited Shawnee Field on October 1st. The Braves had their hands full with the D1 Tigers but they were able to connect passes and get off several shots. Within the first 5 minutes, Krew Verrati and Mateo Fiore both got shots off but were caught by the keeper. 5 minutes after that, Peter Bansil floats a corner kick allowing Mateo to head the ball, again the keeper gets the ball. At the 32 minute mark, Krew got a knee on the ball in the air allowing Mateo to again try for the header, it hits the crossbar. Then with 29 minutes left in the 1st half, Charlie Klekamp sends a long distance throw in to David Reininger who flicks it to Krew and heads the ball in. The Braves take the lead 1-0.

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