IHHS Alum's letter to the 2016 men's Cross Country Team

Below is a letter from 2002 IHHS alumni and former Cross Country record holder Stu Wulsin.  Stu held the IHHS men's 5K Cross Country record for 14 years until Joe Murdock broke it in 2016.

To Indian Hill’s 2016 Men’s Cross Country Team:

Michael Jordan or LeBron James? The ’98 Broncos or the ’07 Patriots? Sports fans love to debate who deserves the title “Greatest of All Time.” But in Cross Country the debate ends quickly because you can’t argue with the clock. I want to wish a hearty congratulation to the men’s team and to Joe in particular. You’re the best team in Indian Hill’s history, and Joe, you’re now Indian Hill’s distance running G.O.A.T.

I hope you’ll take a moment to express your gratitude to those who have helped along the way, especially Coach Savage. Hopefully you know how lucky you are to have such a caring and committed coach. My legs no longer run as fast as they did in high school, but I still benefit from the things Coach Savage taught me. Focus on your individual PR, and don’t worry about how other people are running. Working hard day after day is the way you improve enough to achieve your goals. When you want something enough, you can endure the pain necessary to achieve it. And perhaps most importantly: support your teammates, and you will all run faster.

Cross Country runners work for all the glory they earn. You’ve pushed through the pain and pounded in the miles and now’s the time to enjoy the triumph. Congratulations.

-Stu Wulsin
Indian Hill High School Class of 2002

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