Wheeeeeeeuuuugh! Braves Survive A Nail Biter

As players and fans alike breathe a huge collective sigh of relief, the Braves continue their march through the State tournament bracket – though only by the most narrow of margins, and with a last minute turn-around of the bad luck that had dogged them throughout their District final matchup against the Waynesville Tigers. Indian Hill controlled a good portion of the game, getting off over a dozen first half shots to Waynesville’s two, with a couple agonizing near misses, including a beautiful Margo David strike from the right side that clipped the crossbar and fell away, and a bullet from Morgan Jackson that the Waynesville goalie saved in spectacular fashion.

The second half was more of the same, with lots of Braves shots and corner kick opportunities, but no successes. Waynesville did get a couple of good looks, including a rocket off the crossbar late in the half, but the Braves’ D thwarted every other Tiger advance, keeping the ball in the midfield or on the Braves’ offensive end for the majority of the second forty minutes. But with less than thirty seconds to play, IH caught a break, when Waynesville was called for handling in their goal box. Ellie Podojil (who had played a phenomenal game, despite getting repeatedly brutalized by Waynesville defenders) was unable to convert the PK, with her shot just nicking the top of the crossbar. The Braves and their undefeated season were headed to OT.

The first 15-minute “first goal wins” OT was back and forth, with Morgan just missing on a couple of great strikes, and Waynesville sending an open look over the crossbar. With the score still 0-0, the teams headed to a second OT. It was more of the same, as the tired teams (the Braves essentially used their starters the entire game) found the strength to keep up the pace, still flying to the ball at the 110-minute mark that signaled the most hated aspect of “this beautiful game” of soccer – a PK shootout.

Ellie Podojil and Morgan Jackson started the Braves off well, hitting their PK’s, but Waynesville matched them.  Then Maddie Cech’s attempt hit the crossbar before Claire deHamel’s shot sailed over it. Waynesville’s 3rd kick found the mark.

With the Braves down 3-2, Waynesville needed to hit only one of its last two attempts.  But then the worm turned, and with it, the Braves string of misfortune. The Tigers’ fourth kicker launched one directly into goalie Kate Marrs’ open arms...and the Braves had a pulse. After Margo David got IH back on the board with the team’s fifth attempt, Waynesville’s fifth hitter took a deliberately, painfully long stroll in from midfield, trying to psych out Kate. But Kate was having none of it, standing well in front of her line with her long arms outstretched, looking like a hungry condor. Her mind games worked, as the Tigers’ striker launched one over the crossbar, and suddenly the teams were tied again, with momentum on the Braves side.

The drama from there quickly ended, as freshman Lauren Frey calmly punched in a soft shot to her left that caught Waynesville’s goalie guessing the wrong way...and then that same goalie launching the Tigers’ final attempt to tie well over the crossbar. The Braves had gutted out a bruising game and showed their character in fighting through numerous no-calls and near misses that would have crushed any other team, in advancing on to the Regionals for the second time in three years.

In the runup to the Waynesville game, the Braves easily dispatched Norwood 9-0, with Morgan Jackson knocked in 4 goals, Anna & Ellie Podojil adding 2 and 1 goal respectively, and Alyssa Questell getting a late score in her first varsity contest this year.

Roger Bacon came next, and while that contest took a little longer to secure, the Braves were no less dominant...playing in miserable cold and rain at Milford Stadium. Ashleigh Prugh took advantage twice of rebounded shots that the RB goalie couldn’t handle...the first coming 5 minutes in off of a Margo David rocket, and again 20 minutes later off of a Morgan Jackson cross. Brynn WIrthlin chipped a seeing-eye shot just inside the base of the left post 9 minutes into the game, and Morgan followed 3 minutes later from 20 yards out off a great thread from Margo. Ellie Podojil completed the first half scoring with just under two minutes to play on a feed from Morgan to give the Braves a 5-0 halftime advantage.

Most of the second half was spent fighting the elements and experimenting with different lineup combinations. Morgan capped the night’s scoring from the near left side with a nice flick off the outside of her foot into the corner of the net.

NOTES: The Braves next opponent in the Southwest Regional semi-finals is Bellbrook, to be played at Lebanon Junior High (at that school district’s football stadium) on Halloween at 7:00 pm, with a regional final on Saturday, November 4th at a location/time TBD.

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Rank Name   Season Goals
1 Anna Podojil   2017 38
2 Morgan Jackson   2017 34
3 Anna Podojil   2016 31
3 Brooke Rogers   2004 31
5 Annie Schenck   1997-8 26
5 Jenna Kereiakes   2001 26
5 Elizabeth Slattery   2011 26
8 Morgan Jackson   2015 22
8 Jenna Kereiakes   1999 22
8 Tricia Craig   1987 22
8 Brooke Rogers   2005 22
12 Brooke Rogers   2006 21
Rank Name   Years Goals
1 Anna Podojil   2015-P 89
2 Morgan Jackson   2014-2017 78
3 Brooke Rogers   2003-2006 77
4 Annie Schenck   1995-1998 76
5 Jenna Kereiakes   1998-2001 70
6 Elizabeth Slattery   2009-2012 66
7 Amanda McCaw   2000-2003 52
8 Meredith Snow   2004-2007 38
9 Taylor Jackson   2010-2012 35
10 Paige Gloster   2010-2013 34
11 Kaeli Flaska   2008-2010 33
12 Shaedyn Cousino   1995-1998 30
Rank Name   Season Assists
1 Lisa Tecklenburg   1998 22
2 Morgan Jackson   2017 19
3 Annie Schenck   1998 18
4 Anna Podojil   2017 17
4 Lisa Tecklenburg   1997 17
6 Annie Schenck   1997 16
6 Meredith Snow   2007 16
6 Erin Schmitt   2001 16
9 Ellie Podojil   2016 15
9 Kristen Ellis   2001 15
9 Maddie Slattery   2011 15
12 Ellie Podojil   2017 14
12 Anna Podojil   2014 14
12 Claire Kenny   1999 14
Rank Name   Years Assists
1 Annie Schenck   1995-1998 53
2 Morgan Jackson   2014-2017 47
3 Anna Podojil   2015-P 42
4 Lisa Tecklenburg   1995-1998 39
5 Meredith Snow   2004-2007 37
6 Erin Schmitt   1999-2001 36
6 Elizabeth Slattery   2009-2012 36
8 Paige Gloster   2010-2012 35
9 Shaedyn Cousino   1995-1998 34
10 Brooke Rogers   2003-2006 33
11 Jenna Kereiakes   1998-2001 31
12 Maddie Slattery   2008-2011 30
Rank Name Season Shutouts
1 Katie Markesbery   2010 18
2 Ellie Schaub   2015 14
2 Sarah Wiggers   2003 14
4 Olivia Ribariu   2011 13
4 Lauren Harris   1995 13
6 Lexi Carrier   2012 12
7 Missy Meyers   2000 11
8 Sarah Wiggers   2004 10
8 Liz Hilberg   1999 10
8 Lisa Iacono   2002 10
8 Ashley Daniels   2008 10
8 Katie Markesbery   2009 10
Rank   Name   Years   Shutouts
1 Ellie Schaub   2013-2016 37
2 Sarah Wiggers   2002-2005 35
3 Katie Markesbery   2009-2010 28
4 Liz Hilberg   1997-1999 27
5 Lauren Harris   1993-1996 26
5 Ashley Daniels   2005-2008 26
7 Missy Meyers   1999-2001 23
8 Lisa Iacono   2000-2002 21