MS Girls Tennis spreads some LOVE!

IH 2017 Girls Tennis team has taken over right where the 2016 team left off.... PREACHING LOVE.

Our first opponent Wyoming found out quickly about our LOVE Program when IH took all 5 courts and only allowed Wyoming 1 game period. 

IH’s second match was with a vastly improved Mariemont squad who also submitted to the BRAVE’s poignant LOVE potion (5 – 0).

Next UP is Summit ( 9/8/17 ) at Lunken's clay courts.

Heading up our singles are Sarah Zimmerman, Annie Isphording, Emily Eckert, and Shirka Singh. 

Doubles include Kate Guttman, Kate Stuhlreyer, Elsa Zhou Xu, Taylor Brewer and reserves Emma Eddleman, Annie Joy, Bianca Mannerino, and Kaia Woo. 


2017 MS Girls Tennis Team Photos