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Cheerleaders win big at UCA Cheer Camp Competition

The Middle School, JV, and Varsity Cheerleading squads got back from UCA cheer camp and we are so proud of the leadership and hard work of these girls!

The awards we received during UCA camp were:

  • Middle school:   3 Blue ribbons
  • JV:   2 Blue ribbons & 1 Red ribbon
  • Varsity:   3 Blue ribbons
  • All three squads were awarded Spirit Sticks all 3 days


Special congratulations to:

  • Mia Tramontana, middle school cheerleader, for being picked twice by the UCA staff to "pin it forward". They give this out to individuals who show kindness and leadership to all!
  • Katie Dirr, a Varsity cheerleader, for being chosen as an "All American Cheerleader". She auditioned with a jump cheer and a dance in front of the other campers! She was also a finalist in the "Jump-off" competition!

On the Final day:

  • Indian Hill Schools were awarded the "Traditions" plaque for the 2nd year in a row!
  • Varsity and Middle school teams received Superior Trophies.
  • Both Middle school and JV teams won 1st place in their Sideline Cheer competitions
  • Both Middle School and JV teams won 1st place Overall


2017-2018 Cheerleading Team Photos